It Works Global Success Online With Your Own Blog and Website

Many of my team members will ask, “should I build a blog or a website online” to help build my it works global business?

It’s really one of the best question, because both are going to help you build your It Works Global business that much faster. There are only so many people we can talk to about the It Works products offline. That is why we need to setup a central hub for all your communications online.

I want to go over setting up both a blog, and website to help with your It Works Global online business

There are a few mistakes that people make and I want to cover them also.

Setting Up A Website.

A simple website is something you can setup and give more information about yourself, it works products, or it works global business opportunity. The mistakes I see with many of the It Works Global distributors is they use the companies replicated website.

The company website is great, but it’s also promoted by 10,000 other It Works Global distributors online.

Search engines will not even touch company replicated websites. So this takes out the traffic you could have gotten from google. Anyone that lands on your It Works Global website for the first time will say. “Oh I have seen this before a thousand other places”.

Your website will let you be unique and stand out from the crowd. The correct way to setup your website is with a simple video and an autoresponder. Give out a little bit of details on the front of your site and ask the visitor to enter in there name and email. You now can follow up with more information, and then offer a link to your It Works Global website. Once you build trust and rapport with your new visitor, they are more likely to want to take a look at It Works Global.

Setting Up A Blog

This is going to be the central hub for all your daily activity. Your blog is interactive and will let your visitors comment on the content you create. The blog should have daily post about It Works products, It Works wrap, and It Works Marketing material.

Educate your readers on why It Works Global is the opportunity for them

The correct way to setup a blog is to get your own domain and hosting. Then use a free software called wordpress. WordPress can be setup in about 1 minute, and will then be able to start blogging. I recommend your own domain, and blog over a free hosted platform like blogger. With your own domain you own it. And no one can decide down the road they don’t like your blog and shut it down.

Using Both A Blog and Website

The best setup for your It Works Global online success, will be to have both a blog and website. The blog is the central hub for your daily activity. Each day you post some high quality content about the It Works Global opportunity. At the bottom of each post you can have a link that goes to your website. On your website will be a video, or short information with an autoresponder. The autoresponder will then send out your daily emails for you, about It Works Global. Inside your daily emails is a link back to your It Works Global replicated website.

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2 thoughts on “It Works Global Success Online With Your Own Blog and Website

  1. Marquitte Gikineh

    Hello,I am a distrubtor with this wonderful company.I am having a hard time, my team is great but they are good at going out every day talking to people. I wantto do this business mostly online.I want to learn how to blog and seup a website. Thank you: Marquitte

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