How To Build Your It Works Global Business Using Backlinks

As an Independent Distributor with It Works Global, we spend a lot of our time talking to people and referring the products. Just like if we are talking to a friend about a new restaurant that just opened. Or if we tell a friend about a new store that opened with all these cool products.

When google started online about 12 years ago they modeled there website from this same concept. Google will go out and spider the Internet looking for backlinks. These backlinks are other people’s referrals. They figured that if another website linked back to your website, you must be popular, and then you get a vote. The more votes you get the higher you rank in the search results.

When you sign up with It Works Global you are given a unique link with all your information on it.

That is the link you want to spread around the Internet. If you place your link on another website it will be a vote for you. The more times you place your It Works Global link, the more votes you get. And with more votes you get more traffic from the search engines.

Here are 5 different ways you can go out and place your It Works Global backlinks.

1. Article Marketing

Each day you can create articles that you place on your personal blog, and upload to article directories. At the bottom of the article will be a link back to your It Works Global website. Each time you do this, you get more votes from google.

2. Blog Commenting

Do a search for other blogs in the Network Marketing industry. Or search other It Works Global websites that are active. When you find a blog post, read it. Then post a high quality comment at the bottom. You can comment and place your backlink. Try to post a comment at least once a day.

3. Forum Signature

Find other network marketing forums, or It Works Global forums.

Once you find these forums, start posting and answering questions people have. The forum will let you create a signature file with your backlink. Use this to place your It Works Global backlink. And then every time you post, you will add another link.

4. Video Marketing

Yes, get that camera out and start uploading videos to YouTube. Since it’s the 3rd most visited website, it only makes sense to upload videos. At the bottom of each video is a description. Inside the description will be a place to add in your It Works Global backlink. The more videos you create and upload, the more backlinks you give to google.

5. Social Media

I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you about how big of a website Facebook and Twitter are. Place your It Works Global link inside your profile. And every time you post on your wall, add your backlink. Google will spider your profile and index it in the search results.

There ya go. 5 simple ways to get backlinks. Now go out today, and start taking massive action.

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One thought on “How To Build Your It Works Global Business Using Backlinks

  1. Melinda Bandeau

    This is really helpful information,I have been doing research for days on ItWorks. I will be going to a meeting Tuesday morning to get more information. I’m very interested in the products you sell and thinking about selling them myself,just need more training on how to get the word out.

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